TaskIt – A Chore Scheduler for the Home

Georgia Tech students come from varied backgrounds 
with different living expectations. Inability to effectively communicate these expectations can lead to friction and stress. Our team worked on developing a Mobile Web & iOS application that could effectively communicate expectations for chores on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and encourage users to cooperate for the general upkeep of the shared space.

This project was developed in a team that included my classmates, Rahul Goel, Shanu Salunke, Brandon Chastain and Christian Botkin from the CS8803 Mobile Apps & Svcs class. I was the lead developer on the design and development of the Mobile Web front-end of the application where we created the various views using Sencha Touch‘s mobile web framework.

Development Process

Customer Discovery

We started the process by interviewing students around the Georgia Tech campus for pain points. The aggregated results of our study have been displayed below.


Functionality & Interaction

We iterated through several interaction designs and eventually decided on a list based UI that allowed users to easily swipe through chores.


During our customer discovery process we realized the core features that users were looking for were

  • A fair way of allocating/swapping allocated chores around the home
  • Easily accessible chore/group history
  • A combined grocery list that could be accessed


TaskIt won the Convergence Innovation Competition – Fall 2014 showcase. We plan to make the project available live on the App Store after further tweaks on the UI and backend.